A question about flotation? We explain everything to you about floating in our center!

Do you need a swimsuit? Should I bring anything to my float session?

Floating is ideally practiced without a swimsuit for optimal comfort. You are alone in your Bubble, itself in a private room that you lock from the inside. But you are free to come with your swimsuit if you prefer. Toiletries (soap, shampoo, towel, cotton swab, hairdryer, makeup remover, etc.) are provided on site. Please note: for hygiene reasons, we do not provide hairbrushes and combs.

I would like to float but I'm a little claustrophobic, can I leave the Bubble door open?

Our Bubbles are the result of more than 20 years of research and development carried out in collaboration with psychologists. To achieve the deepest states of relaxation, it is essential that the quality of sensory isolation is maximum. This is why it is possible, and even recommended, to close the doors of our Bubbles. However, rest assured: the doors of our Bubbles can be opened at any time, they are not locked. You can open them, or half-open them, whenever you want! In addition, our Bubbles are very large and designed so that there is no feeling of confinement. The ceiling is more than 80 cm from the face, nothing to do with an MRI or a tanning machine. Like many claustrophobics who assiduously float with us, you will feel very comfortable in our Bubbles!

Can 2 people float?

Yes…but everyone in their own room and in their own Bubble! Sensory Flotation Isolation, as the name suggests, is an individual experience. To achieve the levels of intense relaxation and total letting go that we offer, no external element should disturb you. Our Bubbles are so spacious that it would be possible for two people to float in them, however your sensory isolation experience will be optimal with space just for you.

I wear contact lenses, should I remove them?

It's best to remove them, but some people float with them.

I don't know how to swim, can I still come float?

No need to know how to swim: there is 25 cm of water in the Bulles and the water is so salty that the body floats no matter what.

I'm pregnant, can I still float?

No known medical contraindication for pregnant women. If your doctor does not prohibit you from swimming, we will be happy to welcome you until the end of your 7th month of pregnancy (no floating in the last month).

I'm tall (over 1m90), can I still float?

Our Bubbles are used by NBA players for their recovery phases. The pool is 2m50 long and 1m70 wide: it can therefore accommodate all sizes.

Are there any medical contraindications to floating?

Contraindications are the same as for sea bathing. If in doubt, you can call us or consult your doctor.

What happens if we fall asleep in the Bubble?

You will have excellent quality sleep. Some of our insomniac customers even come especially for that. The water is so dense that your head stays above water even if you sleep.

When is the best time to float?

Morning, afternoon or evening, each at their favorite time. Know that you leave your session very relaxed: it is therefore better to avoid having a marathon to run immediately afterwards. On the contrary, floating after sport is an excellent idea!