What is sensory isolation flotation?

Frequently asked questions

Your post-float relaxation space

We wanted to make our relaxation area a special place. Designed by us, it is equipped with several comfortable seats and a large bright screen that creates a soothing atmosphere. Everything is designed to ensure you return to reality gently and, above all, at your own pace.

Whether it's reading a book, enjoying tea, chatting, or simply not thinking about anything, you are here at home!

Your Flotation Pod

With its attributes (size, volume, shape), the materials used for its construction, its technology, and its equipment, your Flotation Pod guarantees you a true sensory isolation experience.

Sensory isolation requires great precision. For example, the temperature, a crucial parameter for achieving a sensation of weightlessness, must be adjusted to the tenth of a degree, be homogeneous throughout the pool, and remain stable throughout your session. The size and air volume of your Flotation Pod are ideal for ensuring that the air and water have exactly the same temperature and are forgotten.

Sensory isolation also involves careful selection of materials: titanium, medical-grade stainless steel, anti-vibration fiberglass, micrometric filter... Your Flotation Pod is the result of over 3 years of research and development, and everything is designed for your comfort and well-being.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, your Flotation Pod allows for personal adjustments that will enhance your sensory isolation experience: do you want a particular atmosphere to introduce and conclude your session? Your Flotation Bubble®, remotely controlled, is equipped with an MP3 system for sound and LED lighting configurable to the color of your choice.

Finally, a true sensory isolation experience goes through your flotation room and its equipment: to truly isolate you from the outside, your private room is individual. You will find a space to undress, an Italian shower, a vanity unit, and of course, your Flotation Pod!

Hygiene of the flotation center

We attach paramount importance to hygiene. That's why we have chosen the most efficient equipment on the market. In our bubbles, the materials used for heating, pumps, piping, and filters are all food-grade. The metallic parts are made of titanium or medical-grade stainless steel. By the very nature of our activity, the water in our Bubbles is saturated with Epsom salt (5 times the concentration of the Dead Sea, which is well named!) and has the effect of killing microorganisms.

Moreover, in line with our fundamental values, our Bubbles are equipped with filtration and disinfection systems whose efficiency is far superior to the standards and hygiene norms of the sector. Indeed, after each session, the water is fully filtered 4 times and benefits from:

  • exposure to UV-C that eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria,
  • disinfection with Hydrogen Peroxide (component of hydroalcoholic gel), which is a powerful natural biocide and allows advanced oxidation when combined with UV,
  • hyper-fine filtration (1-micron filter = 75 times finer than a hair) that retains micro-particles.

This is the guarantee of impeccable water.

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